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SUMMER PALM LEAF PARTY BOX FOR 25 with a 19 flag up-cycled bunting

Simple ordering with a complete party box for 25 for your summer party delivered right to your door step. 

This box contains;

1 x 19 flag summer party bunting made from Design by Dana in South Australia. The bunting measures flag to flag 3.6 metres with 77 cm and 66 cm ties (total length is 5.03 metres). The flags have a 19-20 cm drop.

3 x Areca Sheath Palm Leaf large rectangle platters - 22" x 12" (56cm x 30cm)

5 x Bamboo tongs for serving food with your platters

25 x Areca Sheath Palm Leaf large round plates - 10" (25.4cm)

25 x 8oz/237ml brown PLA lining biocups

25 x Wooden Sporks

25 x Wooden Knives

100 x Natural bionapkins



The double-sided hand made bunting using 100% upcycled material is created for the more 'mature' party person. The bunting is of combination of dark and beige colours with abstract patterns of yellow and peach with a splash of red blocks and red with white polka dots and navy blue featuring fancy drinks. The binding is abstract design of mainly navy blue and dark green. Perfect for New Years Eve, 18th, 21st or any other special birthday. Made in South Australia.


Areca Sheath Palm Leaf Plates

Made in India these plates are made from naturally fallen leaves of the Areca nut tree.