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We love hearing about how you made your special event eco friendly!eco-party-small.png

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It doesn't have to be the biggest of events that you're writing about we're really just keen to see and hear your passion about choosing to go sustainable at your party, wedding or event.

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Here's an example

I just wanted to share with you our plans for our upcoming engagement party which we are holding at my father in law to be’s home in October.

Obviously we are using tableware and platters from eco party box to reduce wastage. We will have gorgeous nylon, solar powered lanterns strung above the pool and have been growing our own herbs (mint, basil, marjoram, parsley etc) that we will be using as table decorations and centerpieces, instead of using cut flowers. These will be planted into recycled tin cans and galvanized iron planters.

Once the party is over, we are able to give these away to friends and family to plant at home so there is no wastage. The idea is also that people can pick a mint leaf or a basil leaf from the herbs during the night and add to their drink or canapé.

All of our canape’s will be homemade using organic and seasonal produce where possible. Other decorations include candles within recycled glass jars and lanterns made from tin cans with holes punched through. the pool will be filled with floating candles.

For table coverings we are using unbleached calico which can be reused/recycled.

Even our sparkling wine features a resealable synthetic closure that is completely recyclable.


Everything was very much as per the plans but we also ended up adding in an astro turf ‘dance floor’ to save the girls in their heels throughout the night (instead of dancing on the bricks) and we had all the drinks in the big blue ‘shells’ which are also used for kiddies sandpit.

Needless to say, we had a lot of recyclable glass at the end of the night!

The floating candles didn’t go exactly as planned as it was a little bit too windy for them. (note: this section was reveived in late November).

Bianca, (East Victoria Park, Western Australia)