Public Speaking and Workshops

Eco Party Box offers public speaking and workshops to events and festivals around Australia.

With a wealth of knowledge and 9 years experience on how to make parties and events more environmentally friendly Tina and Jonathan, the founders of Eco Party Box, travel Australia presenting to people who want to know more on these topics.

Topics include:

  • How to create a waste-free schoolyard (includes bin signs, presentation and documents);
  • How to make your large event more sustainable (includes bin signs, downloadable pdfs, workbooks etc);
  • How to create a reusable party kit business (includes workbook);
  • How to create a waste-free workplace (includes bin signs and workbook)
  • A 30 minute presentation on "Why Sustainable Parties and Events Matter".
  • How to make your party eco friendly (includes a downloadable ebook);
  • How to make bunting, tissue pom poms, honeycomb balls on a stick, gum nut kids and walnut boats.

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Here is a video from Enlighten Adelaide 2019, with Jonathan talking on the topic of "Why Sustainable Parties and Events Matter".

This video is of Tina presenting a bunting and tissue pom pom making workshop in 2018.

This is a short video on why we need to think about tomorrow when enjoying the moment at parties.