Party Games

Carboard Box Racers

Cut out the flaps on some cardboard boxes - but leave one at the back (that's the cool fin). Paint or decorate the boxes with crayons or stick coloured paper on them with glue. Place them over the children, making sure the birthday child has the fastest one - that's usually coloured red.

Start your engines ... (Try to avoid races where the children run around trees as accidents are bound to happen).

Pin The Spider on The Web

This game is exactly the same as pin the tail on the donkey but uses little spiders and placing them on a large web which is stuck to cardboard or a wall. Other ideas include pin the bee or butterfly on the flower, pin the flower on the fairy. (The list is endless).

Make sure the children are blindfolded, spin them around three times then make them place a spider on the web. Closest to the middle wins!

What's The Time Mr Wolf

Stand someone near a wall or tree. They are Mr Wolf.

Everyone else stands back and asks "What's The Time Mr Wolf". Mr Wolf replies with a "six-o'clock" or "three o'clock" and the children must take the number of steps that Mr Wolf has replied with.

When the children get very close Mr Wolf can reply "Dinner Time!" at which point Mr Wolf turns around and chases the children. The first child to be caught must be the next Mr Wolf.

Doggy, Doggy Where's Your Bone

Seat the children in a circle. Have a child lay down in the middle of the circle with a bone placed by them. (You can use a stick or anything else that the children can pretend is a bone).

The child in the middle is the doggy and their eyes must be closed to begin.

The adult points to another child.

That child must take the bone and return to his/her place without making any noise. He/she places the bone behind him/her.

All the children put their hands behind their backs and say, “Doggy, doggy, where’s your bone? Somebody took it from your home. Wake up doggy.”

The “doggy” opens their eyes and gets three guesses to find out who has the bone. The child who has the bone is the next doggy.

Sleeping Animals

Choose an animal that goes with your party theme. (e.g. if its a jungle theme - sleeping lions, if its a beach theme - sleeping sharks)

Have the children act like that animal or character (e.g. if its lions they can be crawling on the floor, growling.

When the adult calls out ‘sleeping lions’ (or your chosen animal), all the children must fall to the floor and lie as still as possible with their eyes shut.

The adult then visits each animal and tries to get them to smile or move to prove they are not sleeping. The final animal not to smile or move is the winner.

What's In The Bag?

Find some interesting items and put them in different bags.

Blindfold the person and have them guess what's in the bags.

Don't reveal what's in the bag until everyone has had their turn guessing. Once everyone has guessed reveal what items were in the bags.

Other Party Game Ideas

Musical Statues, Apple Bobbing (similar to this is Donuts on a String), Scavenger Hunt and Simon Says. If you have a great party game to share, let us know! Drop us a line ...