What is Your Commitment To Biodegradable Packaging?

Our Products Will Return to the Earth

We have a commitment to providing ONLY biodegradable and compostable party supplies. We are very proud that almost ALL of our products are biodegradable.

It is a commitment we are determined to continue and we have been very careful to design, make and select gifts, party ware, stationary and more which return to the earth instead of adding to landfill. This is with the exception of our bunting - which is made from upcycled materials - our party recipe reference books and dirtgirlworld CDs.

We realise our biodegradable guarantee is an extremely rare and difficult goal to set in today's economic climate. However we wish to provide a real alternative to the "green washing" of products within the industry and recognise that we need to lead by example.

We feel that by using nature's gifts instead of bowing to the demands of cheaper, easier to source products and packaging it will add a special feel-good factor to your next party.

By ordering 100% biodegradable products you can party in style knowing you are doing something special for the earth.

We are also committed to providing our customers with transparency of our business so it is important for us to reveal that as we order our tableware in bulk, some products are yet to arrive to us in eco packaging. We hope this is something the industry will be able to recognise as important and make changes to provide their products in biodegradable packaging. As we cater for smaller orders we repackage our products in biodegradable packaging.

However when a customer orders a tableware product in the same amount that it comes to us in, we may use the original packaging as used by the manufacturer of the product, which may not be biodegradable.

If you require any more information about any of our products or service please do not hesistate to contact us.