Op Shop Reusable Party Box for 20 ($80 with $40 refundable deposit)

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Our Op Shop Reusable Party Box is ideal for a party of 20 and consists of 80 quality pieces. It is available for pick up only.

No more disposable pieces or washing up required - bring it back and we'll wash it up for you!

It features plates, platters, spoons, wine glasses and cups sourced from Southern Adelaide op shops:

  • 4 white platters - 2 for food and 2 for dips
  • 20 small white porcelain plates - 7 round, 7 square and 6 hexagon 
  • 20 glass cups
  • 20 silver spoons
  • 16 plastic red wine glasses

A $40 deposit is payable on purchase and will be refunded upon return of the party box.

A $3 charge is payable for any chipped or broken pieces.

Located in Moana, Southern Adelaide, South Australia.

Address for pick up will be messaged to you after you make your order. 


$1.50 from the sale of each Box goes to fund Grow Free - a South Australian group of people who's members believe our food should be free, organic and locally grown. Find out more at