Felt animals

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These cute handmade felt animals are perfect for small hands and make great gifts for children. 

They are hand-made in Nepal by women who live in remote villages. The felt and stuffing is made from Yak wool. 


The animals come in varied sizes but range between 7cm-13cm wide and 7cm-11cm in height. It depends on the animal. 

Please comment which animal you would prefer. Only a small limited amount currently in stock.


Currently in stock

Cat x 2 (1 blue and 1 pink)

Cow x 1 (tan)

Deer x 1 (white with brown dots)

Dinosaurs x 2 (1 blue and 1 green)

Giraffe x 2

Lion x 2

Pegasus x 1 (white and pink)

Penguin x 1

Pig x 1

Sheep x 2

Zebra x 2