Eco Entertainers, Face Painters and Party Planners

The Jitterbugs are in their 10th year and share gentle messages through song and dance to educate the children from an early age about the importance of caring for our environment. 
Apples and Jam believe the first step in caring for our world is to help children understand what makes it so special. Birthday Parties, Children's Classes and more! 
Bazil Grumble is a creative team with the aim of inspiring both creativity and learning; allowing participants to imagine, communicate, co-operate and participate in a safe and supportive environment. They specialize in the area of Eco Face Painting for environmental events and also performance, drama, clay animation, ceramics (workshops and community installation projects), juggling and clowning, playwriting, puppetry, mask making, storytelling and book binding. 
Eco Faeries inspire sustainability education as we promote environmental awareness, healthy living, creativity, community and playfulness. Eco Faeries are a positive presence within the community through educational workshops, events, television presentations, magazines, press releases, community gatherings, social media, and live performances.