Create Sustainable Events and Fetes - A How To Guide

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This How To Guide provides all the info you need to create a sustainable event and comes complete with a total of 9 downloadable bin signs and a complete two-page workbook.

Whether it's a school fete, a small business function or an event for an audience of 25 to 10,000 this guide wil show you exactly how to get it done.

Developed by Down To Earth Events it is the result of hardwork and applying practical steps.

Bin signs include:

  • compostables x 2
  • landfill x 2
  • refundables x 2
  • soft plastics

Extra Bin Signs include

  • paper/card
  • recyclables

A straight word document with the basic signs for an event is included and ready for immediate download. It will print onto A4 pieces of piece of paper which can be laminated if you feel necessary.

**Not all bin signs provided here are necessary for an event. The whole spectrum has been provided as an added bonus, really you will only need compostables, landfill, refundables and soft plastics bin signs. These are included as the only images in the word document provided.**

All details are © Down To Earth Events.