BROWN KRAFT STRING HANDLE LOOT BAGS (with Eco Party Box stamp)- Pack of 5

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Measuring 160 x 140 x 50mm these compostable Brown Kraft Loot Bags come with string handles and are perfect for the take home gifts and treats.

Currently we have stock with our Eco Party Box stamp on them in red vegetable ink. These bags were part of a promotion we did a while ago and these were never used. 

These bags are usually $0.85 each but we are selling them at 5 for $1. 

You can dress them up with paintings and pictures etc. Here's a LINK to a great idea from a clever Mum.

Credentials for the colored bags include:
*Australian-made paper
*Sourced from managed plantations. Such plantations have programs in place to ensure that each harvested tree is replaced with new growth, thus ensuring a neutral effect in terms of deforestation.

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