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Breaking up with balloons

Breaking up with balloons is not as hard as you may think.

Since 2014, since we stopped selling latex balloons, hundreds of people have purchased eco friendly alternatives to party sustainably.unnamed-2.png

Through our store you can purchase bunting or honeycomb balls, which are environmentally friendly and reusable.

But there are other nature-inspired and clever ideas to ensure balloons aren't missed in your celebration.

Those ideas include: blow bubbles, light a candle, write in chalk, ribbon sticks, plant a tree, make a stepping stone, tissue paper pom poms, paint rocks, giant bubbles and plenty more.

Today balloons are receiving worldwide condemnation. The Balloon Industry's message that balloons biodegrade and are not harmless to the environment is no longer believed by the masses. 

The industry-funded research which claimed balloons are biodegradable leaves the science as questionable.

And independent scientists are now coming forward proving that latex balloons do in fact expand in sea water.


 2017 saw a year of change in Australia: instead of balloon releases bubbles were blown at sporting events; Zoos of Victoria pushed for balloon alternatives at celebrations; Local and State Government's introduced laws and by-laws to ban balloons at events; scientists backed environmentalists fears about the harmful effects of balloons to animals; and a documentary was made profiling how “harmless” balloons were killing sea turtles as they would fall back down to earth in a new form – looking like jellyfish.

In 2016 the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife.

It is clear latex balloons when released and entered into the environment pose a hazard to wildlife. 

Break ups are always hard at first, but choosing an eco alternative instead means you are saving the planet one party at a time.