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Sign Our Petition to Ban Single-Use Plastic Tableware at Events in South Australia

Posted by Jonathan and Tina Hart on

Plastic Plates, cutlery and CupsIt is estimated that by the year 2050 there will be more pieces of plastic in our ocean than there will be fish. Clearly something must be done.

We recently learned that the French Government had passed a law to ban all plastic plates, cups and cutlery by 2020, forcing manufacturers to create only biodegradable products and consumers to purchase only these alternatives.

It is our goal to see the same laws passed in South Australia.

There exists a huge amount of disposable plastic party supplies that go only to landfill, when in fact party supplies are now made out of compostable material and could instead go to composting and in some cases recycling facilities (or at least break down eventually in landfill, unlike plastic products).

Non-biodegradable party supplies remain popular largely because they are they are the easier option, that being they are easy to find in supermarkets and thrift shops.

Compostable and reusable tableware and party products, along with access to more composting facilities, will see an enormous shift in reduction of landfill waste.

Manufacturing of non-biodegradable plates, cups and cutlery is mainly done in China so it will not affect the manufacturing industry in Australia only those businesses who wholesale and distribute the plastic party products, many of which have already introduced a biodegradable alternative to their plastic products due to the market place now warming to the eco alternatives.

We hope our concerns, these issues raised and ultimately the goal to ban plastic, disposable single-use tableware may be introduced as a private member's bill to the South Australian parliament and hopefully successfully passed into law.

Click here to go to the website to sign the petition.