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Our new group: Breaking Up With Balloons

Posted by Jonathan Hart on

Alternatives to Balloons

Balloons harm the environment and are a danger to wildlife. In 2016, the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife. So what are the alternatives?

We've started a new group, Breaking Up With Balloons, for people looking for alternatives to balloons for their party or event. 

Feel free to contribute with ideas or pictures from your party or maybe something you've seen on Pinterest for a chance to win an eco party.

We'll help you throw your next party with a party box of your choice, 1 colorful hessian bunting, 6 dream catchers, 6 hacky sacks, a Grow Your Own Party Pack for 12 and 6 string handle-loot bags. Valued at over $100.

Prize drawn July 31, 2018.