Why politics and parties were a necessary mix

Why politics and parties were a necessary mix

Posted by Jonathan and Tina Hart on 11th Sep 2019

We do not support a political party, but we do support politics to get the party started!

Jonathan and Tina from Eco Party Box

Since 2011 we have watched a slow and steady increase in the take up of products like ours. But the truth is, we thought it would happen waaay sooner.

So we have been pleased to see the problem addressed on a State and Federal level recently.

South Australia is introducing waste free precincts and legislation to ban certain single-use plastics in the State.

This month we met with the SA Minister for the Environment David Speirs and a prominent representative from Green Industries SA to discuss a project we have been working on since late last year.

Should we be successful in seeing this vision come to fruition we will be on the verge of creating huge sustainable change across Australia and quite possibly the world.

But we need your help to make it happen. We're not asking for money, or to support us in a Kickstarter campaign (at least not yet).

What we'd love is a bit of love ... from you! Send us some positive videos of why you love our business and service and/or if you've got a minute or two write us a positive review on Facebook or preferably Google (just google Eco Party Box to get to the link).

We could not have got this far without your support and your business and we are so grateful for that.

While still existing as a convenient party store offering all things eco friendly, we will continue to fight for the environment and spread the word on what we can change and what is important to change to restore our balance with nature.