The Down To Earth Movement

The Down To Earth Movement

Posted by Jonathan and Tina Hart on 31st May 2021


It's been a while since we've been on the blog bus. But we're back!

What have we been up to?

Well, while parties and events were on pause the world over, Tina went to uni to study creative writing and Jonathan travelled Australia in search of Great Aussie Pubs to promote - the ones who look after their community's mental health. (Visit for more info).

We continued to process the orders that arrived and further develop The Down To Earth Schools Solution but now we are ready to tell you about a new product we are excited about and have been sitting on for over two years.

As you would know from following us over the years Eco Party Box has been informing every day people like you on the difference between home compostable and commercially compostable products.

Among our many achievements we petitioned former and current South Australian environment ministers in 2016 and again in 2018 on banning disposable plastic party products. And, as you know, in March this year that petition and the movement behind it, was successful.

It was a team effort by all who care - those who create environmental businesses like ours and those of you who shop at them. And those of you who are getting on the bandwagon right now, like supermarkets, well done too for your part too!

Not being huge ones to blow our own trumpets, we went about our work continuing to provide innovative solutions - whether it was championing local and international businesses with their amazing work or creating complete downloadable solutions ourselves for schools, events, workplaces and parties that anyone could implement. See them here.

We also began building a team of people who could assist with that and getting the word out too.

And so now we are here... to tell you about The Down To Earth Movement and our latest project the Down To Earth Cup, the world's first home compostable cup which meets the AS5810 Australian Standard for home compostability.

If you would like to be part of The Movement and you would like to know more about the Cups, and how you and those you know can help fund the project, visit