Sleepover Party - Under The Teepee

Sleepover Party - Under The Teepee

Tina Demourtzidis on 26th Jun 2019

Under The Teepee

Sleepover parties. My kids love them and from a certain age it’s all they want. I have found over the years keeping them small, special and simple is the key. When I stumbled on this idea this year on my facebook page, Under the Teepee, themed sleepovers for your little boy or girl, I had to book.

“Tired of organising birthdays? Setting up birthdays? Cleaning up? We can help!”

“Yes!", I shouted to the screen, "this is my answer to a stress free sleepover party". And it was.

As my son’s 10thbirthday approached, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed until I saw this post. Actually I can get overwhelmed at most parties I organise, but I love organising them, and so I start getting this organised early.

Every parent is different and we have different views on having parties, how we plan parties, how we host parties, how we budget parties etc. But for me this idea of a sleepover package was perfect.

All I had to worry about was the the food and cake and even if I didn’t need to decorate, I still did it. It was the easiest sleepover party I have had and it was fun for everyone.

"What comes in a package you ask?" There are various themes and they all come with teepees, mattress linen including quilts, pillows, personalised lightbox items, lanterns or lights, novelty cushions, breakfast trays, eye masks, bunting, floor rugs and party bags.

I did ask what was in the party bags and I was satisfied with pencils, notebook, a pen and an eraser with one lollipop. 

The prices are tailored for packages for 3-5 children (it's same price for 3-5).

decorations at sleepover party

My son chose a sports theme and the awe on the faces of all the children and the parents was great. They knew where to put their overnight belongings and had a place to relax when they wanted to sit out for a bit.

The soft sports balls for throwing around was fun too. 

I didn’t do much at all but book it in and hand over the money (for a complete package was $199 or you can choose a DYI package at $149).

For dinner we had home-made pizzas and snacks: fresh fruits, boiled eggs, veggie sticks and dips, corn chips, coconut apricot squares, chocolate almonds and the cake - a number 10 covered in all the sweet treats – mint chocolate biscuits, oreos and lollies (the birthday boys favourite treats).

The birthday boy received a 2ndhand fusball table for his birthday and he and 3 of his mates played with the fusball table most of the evening with other games like spotlight in the garden.

They all slept comfortably and for breakfast enjoyed pancakes with berries and a game of soccer at the local playground before the parents came to pick them up.

“Clean-up – what clean up?”, OK there was just a little. The clean up consisted of a load in the dishwasher, wiping the table and a quick sweep and mop and packing up my tissue pom poms balls, party hats and bunting into a box and I was done. 

It was the most enjoyable sleep-over I have hosted.

I enjoyed the sleepover package so much that I have booked a Deluxe Swan Themed package for my daughter in August to celebrate her 12thbirthday.

Under the Teepee is located in McLaren Flat (South of Adelaide).

(Please note prices for Under The Teepee may change, but were accurate when writing this blog).