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Leadership lessons from The Dancing Guy and a big thanks to our First Followers!

Posted by Jonathan and Tina Hart on

Back in 2011 when we began our eco party business we were occasionally ridiculed for our dedication to eco friendly parties.

Back then "eco friendly" was still a niche and saving the planet, especially at waste-filled parties, was not something that most people felt necessary or even achievable.

But since then we have seen the movement grow and today boycotting balloons, standing up to straws and saying no to plastic single-use tableware is becoming not just the norm but a spirited and enthusiastic cause!

Our business began slowly - and at times we felt crazy for our ambition to create a wholesome values-based business that did something for the planet.

We like to think that the eco party movement is developing into something mainstream and also we'd like to thank our first followers, the people who trusted us and saw a cause worth championing. For without them, our business wouldn't be possible.

So this video is for you first followers. Thanks again...