Join The Eco Party Network – Be a Part of the Eco Party Revolution

Join The Eco Party Network – Be a Part of the Eco Party Revolution

Posted by Jonathan Hart on 26th Oct 2019

There’s a sad truth about the party industry - it sells products with little to no thought about the environment at all.

But there’s something YOU can do about it and I’ll get to that later in this piece.

Sure, some might stock eco friendly plates and cups these days but it’s obvious they’re cashing in on an eco trend now gaining popularity. Just look at what else they sell – which has no sustainable values whatsoever. They might look bright and colourful, but most times, they’re cheaply made and find their place in landfill not long after the party.

Balloons are the perfect example of how the party industry does not care about the environment or wildlife.

For three and ½ decades they knew about the environmental dangers of latex balloon releases (they actually banned them only in Florida only in 1989) but did NOTHING elsewhere.

They claimed they would biodegrade at the rate of an oak leaf – but there was NO scientific research done of them to back up this claim.

The best they could do was provide a study from a balloon industry rep. Find that info here:

But the word biodegrade is misleading anyway … the real definition is that when something is biodegradable it breaks down into smaller non-composting pieces. Find that info here:

We’ve prepared a video on the truth about the balloon industry which aims to be our final word on the topic. Its goal is to prompt the question: this party season, should we just ban balloon releases or ban balloons altogether?

See the video here:

Find it on Facebook to like and share here:

Providing authentic sustainable representation in an industry which has never really cared about environmental responsibility is what we want to achieve.

Which is why we started the Eco Party Network in June, as the first directory in the world to list Reusable Party Kits.

This is YOUR chance to be a part of a movement which does some good for the planet and earn some money in a “side business”.

What you need to do to get started is purchase some resuable plates, cups, cutlery, platters, bowls and jugs as well as bunting and hire it out to people in your local area.

Start by creating a Facebook business page and add the location in the name. If you’re going to call it something that begins with the words “Eco Party” please ask our permission first as we have an Australian trademark for the words "Eco Party Box".

But really you can use any name from “Reusable Party Hire Kit (Location)” or “(Location) Eco Party Packages” to something fun and quirky like “Little Footprints Party Kit Hire (Location)”.

Upload a picture to our Facebook Page found at and we will add you to our listing. It’s still in its early stages and a map with locations of party kits is in the pipeline.

We imagine that a network of Mums and Dads hiring out party kits will be the next evolution in the party industry.

A network of sustainable waste free party lovers who share our thoughts on balloons and want to make celebrating as sustainable as possible – and also want to make a difference, providing a fun service to their part of the world.

To get started with your own reusable party kit take a look at your op shop or find the colourful reusable plastic partyware by brand Kalas at your local Ikea.