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The Bin Skins Are In

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Down To Earth Events' Bin SkinsWe are pleased to introduce our new bin skins!

Made from shower-proof nylon these 240L bin covers provide endless uses at events and festivals.

Designed for events that use only compostable tableware they are available for rental for $7 per cover.

We attach two A5 signs (see pictured) to ensure that as much packaging waste is diverted from landfill and makes it to the compost as possible.

We also hire a team of "bin buddies" to assist in educating people on where their waste goes.

For more information on this service take a look at at our wholesale site:

We have 36 of the bin skins available - that's 12 general waste, 12 refundables and 12 compostables.

Make your next event a Down To Earth Event and ensure that all the food and drink packaging waste is diverted from landfill and the environment and goes to a compost facility.

Compostables Bin Signs

A Fiver Party - The New Trend In Eco Parties

We were recently introduced to a new concept in children’s party gift giving - the Fiver Party.So what’s it all about?It’s really quite simple and we can’t believe it’s not a household name just yet! Essentially, it’s a birthday party where all the young guests bring a $5 note to go towards a big ticket present [...]

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The #trastag Challenge - something we can all support!

On March 5, 2019 a meme was shared on Facebook by Arizona man Byron Roman. Little did he know that the meme (copied from a friend's page and translated from Spanish) was about to change the world forever.The meme issued a new #challenge to all the "bored teens" to find an area that needed cleaning [...]

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Our Campaign Progresses

In February last year we began a campaign to bring an end to single use plastic plates, cups and cutlery in South Australia. (See that campaign here).Last week we were excited to see our local media giving Minister Speir's plenty of attention as he called on the public to have their say on the issue.Listen [...]

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Down To Earth Events - Dub In The Park 2018

Down To Earth Events, a service offered by Eco Party Box, managed the waste for Dub In The Park 2018!A big thanks to all our volunteers who educated the public and showed them which was the best bin for their rubbish. Great High 5ing too!Our High5Bins helped divert 800L of compostable packaging from landfill.It was [...]

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Unwrapping an Eco Party Box

Want to know what it's like to unwrap an Eco Party Box?Take a look...

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The Rubber Jellyfish Documentary Screenings in Adelaide

On October 26 we hosted the Adelaide premiere of the balloon's documentary Rubber Jellyfish.It was a fabulous night for such a thought-provoking film - which leaves audience members with the belief that everyone's choices matter a great deal in the protection of the environment.We were joined by Caroline of Sea Shepard Marine Debris Team SA [...]

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Our Damon's 6th Birthday Party

Simplicity was the key to our son's 6th birthday party.Bunting as decorations, organic food, ball games & wooden spoon races as well as lots of smiles. You really don't need much more!Here are the pics...

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Here's to those being the change...

We've created a little video dedicated to those being the change in the world. Based on the Apple Think Different campaign released in 1997 it features the activists, environmentalists, healers and truthseekers who have gained a profile in the world. But we would also love to salute those who play their part perhaps a little more [...]

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We are the Champions!

So at the start of this month we were an exhibitor at the The Royal Adelaide Show.It spanned across 10 days and saw an estimated 470,000 walk through the turn styles.There were hundreds of stalls and exhibitors and to our absolute delight we were awarded Champion Exhibit Under 18 sqm.Judges comments were: “great services, staff knowledgeable with [...]

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