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All the tableware you need for a BBQ or party of 25!

Costs $1.68 per person (a saving of 10% as you are buying in a party box)

*25 x large square Areca Sheath plates (250x250mm) made from from the fallen outer sheath of an Areca tree 
*25 x FSC certified wooden knives and sporks 
*25 x 7oz/200ml clear bio cups
*100 x recycled brown lunch napkins 
*1 x 30 litre disposable bag made from corn starch 
*Comes in a sturdy cardboard picnic hamper box made from 100% recycled cardboard

Cups are made in Taiwan and are commercially compostable. Plates are made in India and are home compostable. Cutlery and napkins are made in China and are home compostable. Compostable bag is made in Europe, South America and North America.


$1.50 from the sale of each Box goes to fund Grow Free - a South Australian group of people who's members believe our food should be free, organic and locally grown. Find out more at