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These 12cm Looped Skewers feature a looped handle - ideal for SMALL kebabs or for finger food. They come in packs of 100.

One side of the bamboo is natural light brown and them other side is green.

Made from plantation birch wood.

Made in China.

Suitable for the home compost.

Complies with American standard ASTM D6868 and European standard EN 13432 for compostability and is ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified. This means they will break down into usable soil via a commercial composting facility.

Commercial composting is not widely available in Australia. Contact your council to find out if it is available for you. If you are from South Australia you can notify your council to let them know you are placing commercially compostable tableware in your green organics bin as this service is available throughout SA.

The manufacturing process for these products uses less energy and emits less pollution than petroleum-based products. It also generates fewer greenhouse gases.