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Compost/recycle cups?

Party supplies and food packaging are some of the major contributors to

Composting your eco party supplies once used is the best way to ensure you are doing your bit to make the planet greener.
All our tableware can be commercially composted and in some cases can break down successfully in the home compost. For best results try shredding them or cutting them into finer pieces first before composting.

We have compiled a list of commercial composters who have accepted and successfully composted our products at their facilities. Please contact them to find out how they can assist you in diverting tableware, packaging and organic waste from landfill.
We have also added a list of councils who have confirmed they recycle our cups. Read a recent blog about why biodegradable cups are the better choice over plastic-lined recyclable cups here.
Compost Facility Locations
1. Suez, Kemps Creek, NSW - 39km West of Sydney CBD - 1300 651 116
2. Soilco, Dapto, NSW - 105km South of Sydney CBD -  1300 254 443
3. REMONDIS, Telegraph Point, NSW - 19km North West of Port Macquarie - (02) 6585 0899

4. Totally Environmental, Southbank, VIC - Melbourne CBD - 1300 929 367

5. Worms Down Under, Palmwoods, QLD - 105km North of Brisbane CBD - (07) 5445 9704

6. Jeffries, Wingfield, SA - 13km North of Adelaide CBD - (08) 8368 3555
7. Peat's Soil, Whites Valley, SA - 45km South of Adelaide CBD - (08) 8368 3555
8. Hobart City Council’s Waste, TAS - 14km North West of Hobart CBD - (03) 6238 2711

Where to recycle your cups