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Winter Eco Party Ideas

Now that you have some idea of how to throw an eco birthday party (see Eco Party Ideas for a check list) you might need some inspiration on how to do it in the winter months. If your child has a birthday in the middle of the year then the outdoor party options are usually limited [...]

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Eco Ideas for the Easter Holidays

Hooray for holidays! They are here again and the Easter period is one of the best – lots of public holidays and time to enjoy the children.Here are some eco inspired ideas for parents who want their children to enjoy the simple things in life over the holiday period. Some are best for inside days, [...]

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The first eco party box ...

In February 2011 Cyclone Yasi hit Australia's far north, devastating the regions of Tully, Tully Heads and Mission Beach as well as other areas close by.Peace Mitchell and Katy Garner of Connect2Mums were instrumental in helping communities pick up the pieces in the region nearby after Cyclone Larry destroyed Far North's Innisfail in 2006. They [...]

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