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World Environment Day every day

Posted by Jonathan Hart on

Just yesterday Woolworths announced that it would stop selling plastic straws by the end of the year.

It was the eve of World Environment Day and it became clear to us that the sustainable movement – once deemed “a fad” by manufacturers and retailers – is snowballing to directly effect what big retailers sell as a direct result of what is profitable for big business.

We constantly hear on social media that the best way to protest non-environmetally-friendly products is to not purchase them in the first place.

Well, case in point with straws and Woolworths, that message is obviously true and the no plastic straws movement has made a definable mark as councils and cafes get on board with its message.

It’s a clear example that World Environment Day can be everyday when we consume environmental products, dispose of them responsibly, respect nature and spread the environmental messages.

Author and sustainable educator Anna Lappe so rightly put it: “Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappe Quotation

The sustainable movement is clearly not a fad. People are pushing for the environmental alternatives in Australia – whether that is due to vision of plastics in our ocean through social media and documentaries, news of China no longer accepting certain types of recycled waste or more and more friends and family getting on the environmental bandwagon and they feel left out – and the environment and all those who populate it are the winners.

Today being World Environment Day is a day we not only give praises to the beauty and wonder of nature but a day we can pause and look back on how far we’ve recently come and how much work there is left to do.

Prizes for this year's World Environment Expo

We'll be at the World Environment Expo this weekend.We'll have more than $500 worth of prizes and giveaways to share so come over and say hello!Prizes include:Prize 1: Adults Party Pack – Value $239.951 x Bamboo BBQ Box for 25 – Value $39.951 x Gemtree Wines Voucher – Value $200Prize 2: Kid’s Party Pack – [...]

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The Queen's Green Tableware Dream

One is relatively excited about this weekend's Royal Wedding between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.But one is even more excited that the Queen has banned plastic tableware - including straws, plates, cups and cutlery - from the ground's of her Royal homes and palaces.The Royals have a long history of environmental activism. Prince Charles has [...]

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Leadership lessons from The Dancing Guy and a big thanks to our First Followers!

Back in 2011 when we began our eco party business we were occasionally ridiculed for our dedication to eco friendly parties.Back then "eco friendly" was still a niche and saving the planet, especially at waste-filled parties, was not something that most people felt necessary or even achievable.But since then we have seen the movement grow [...]

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​Say G'day at the World Environment Fair

We'll be showcasing our goregous products at the World Environment Fair June 2 and 3 at the Wayville Showgrounds in Adelaide.Additions for this year include: Craig Reucassel (the host of the successful ABC TV series The War on Waste) who will be the Ambassador for the event and will also be presenting on both the Saturday [...]

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Bunting and Tissue Pom Pom Workshops with Tina

I love bunting, it's the prettiest decoration I know. It's also reusable - unlike balloons - and looks great when hung from walls or posts around a party, wedding or event.So on April 12 I headed over to the Reynella Neighbourhood Centre in South Australia to show people how to make bunting in a workshop. It [...]

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​Less Humdrum, More Yum-Yum: What To Serve At Your Next Eco-Friendly Party

Did you know that since 2008 National Geographic has released an annual report looking at the environmental sustainability of the lifestyles and general conduct of the citizen of various countries? The 2014 report indicated that Australians are showing an improvement in earth-consciousness since 2012 and remain one of the world’s biggest recyclers. Personal, eco-friendly food [...]

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Sign Our Petition to Ban Single-Use Plastic Tableware at Events in South Australia

It is estimated that by the year 2050 there will be more pieces of plastic in our ocean than there will be fish. Clearly something must be done.We recently learned that the French Government had passed a law to ban all plastic plates, cups and cutlery by 2020, forcing manufacturers to create only biodegradable products [...]

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Our new group: Breaking Up With Balloons

Balloons harm the environment and are a danger to wildlife. In 2016, the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife. So what are the alternatives?We've started a new group, Breaking Up With Balloons, for people looking for alternatives to balloons for their party or event. Feel free to [...]

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The Rubber Jellyfish Doco and how we got involved

Since we made our decision in 2014 to no longer sell balloons - due to the fact they harm the environment and wildlife - we have been waiting on more scientific research and organisations to expose balloons for their environmental impact.Two years ago the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife, [...]

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