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​Less Humdrum, More Yum-Yum: What To Serve At Your Next Eco-Friendly Party

Posted by Sarah-Jane Muller on

Less Hum-drum, More Yum YumDid you know that since 2008 National Geographic has released an annual report looking at the environmental sustainability of the lifestyles and general conduct of the citizen of various countries?

The 2014 report indicated that Australians are showing an improvement in earth-consciousness since 2012 and remain one of the world’s biggest recyclers. Personal, eco-friendly food production and consumption have also improved significantly with 41% of Australians consuming organic or natural food on a regular basis.

It has become second-nature to many ecologically-orientated individuals to employ green food preparation practices when cooking for their families. 

But what about when throwing a party? 

Organizing an eco-friendly party complete with sustainable decorations and menu is a lot easier than you may think – you can turn almost any recipe into a green one simply by using the right ingredients. 

By following a few simple guidelines you can prepare an environmentally-friendly feast fit for royalty without having to compromise on appearance or taste.

Buy local

A local farmer’s market is the ideal spot to stock up on your organic party-food supplies. Buying local produce isn’t only beneficial to your health, but benefits your environment by reducing the amount of carbon released into the air as well as your community by contributing to the local economy. 

By studying a seasonal produce calendar you will get a good idea of what fruits and veggies are available at the time of your party, allowing you to plan your menu around it. 

Farmer’s markets are often treasure troves of an entire range of organic products ranging from beef, pork, and chicken to eggs, milk and a delicious variety of cheese and baked goods. Expand your palate by opting for new variants of your favorite items and remember to take your reusable shopping bag or basket with you on your trip so that you can eliminate the use of pesky plastic shopping bags.

What to serve?

If you are having a BBQ, make sure you choose organic, grass-fed beef or lamb as it generally entails fewer fossil fuels, pesticides, and antibiotics than the alternative. 

When serving seafood make sure that it is from a sustainable source which will allow you to refrain from contributing to overfishing and the destroying of worldwide seafood populations.

If a cheese and wine party is more your style, ditch the imported Brie and Camembert and choose locally-produced organic artisan cheeses, paired with preserves and wines from the same region. 

High-teas are becoming a popular party theme and one that can easily remain eco-friendly by obtaining locally produced rolls, pastries, muffins and cakes made with organic ingredients.

Fancy a delectable finger-food spread? Create a beautiful display of locally-sourced cooked and cured meats, cheeses, pickles, preserves, and fruits and test your skills in the kitchen by baking a couple of trays of delicate savory tarts, mini muffins and sausage rolls, all made with your findings at the local produce market of course.

There is absolutely no reason why a party has to have a huge negative impact on your health or your environment. For every party food, drink, accessory or decoration you can think of, a more eco-friendly option exists. By taking the time to source these alternatives you will contribute greatly to the overall well being of yourself, your guests and the world you live in.

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