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The Bring a Plate (Literally) Campaign

Posted by Tina Hart on

At Eco Party Box we're passionate about helping people party sustainably, which is why we've come up with the Bring a Plate (Literally) campaign. 

It's a crazy idea, but we want to see a global movement of people bringing their own reusable tableware to parties to help save on waste!

France has banned plastic tableware ... why can't Australia?

This year France announced it would ban the sale of plastic cups, cutlery and plates, forcing manufacturers to create this tableware to be made from biodegradable material. This ban is due to be enforced in 2020.We got to thinking that if it can happen in France why not Australia too.So we sat down and wrote [...]

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The dangers of additives in food

As I run an eco business I am aware of the many environmental choices available when making my purchases. Reusable, eco friendly, biodegradable are always my preferred options. But as a mother of four I am also careful about the what my family consumes in the way of healthy food and drink.With the rise of Monsanto, water fluoridation and fast food outlets [...]

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Watching Grow Free Grow

Since 2015 Eco Party Box has been supporting Grow Free - a South Australian group of people who's members believe our food should be free, organic and locally grown.$1.50 of every one of our Party Boxes sold goes to support Grow Free.Their mission is inspiring and as they state on their Facebook page:"We have unwittingly disconnected from the [...]

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Raising Funds at the inagural Colour Festival

Last week Eco Party Box donated a carton of our bamboo pulp 20oz bowls to local food stall Street Food for the inaugural Aldinga Arts Eco Village Colour Festival.The brilliant festival attracted around 600 people and the bowls were used for yummy curries.The event was put together quickly with the goal of it being a zero waste event.Appropriately labelled bins were positioned [...]

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Rustic weddings and why they're so popular

The union of two people on their wedding day is a time for celebration.The vows are exchanged, the bridal party and groomsmen are dressed in their finest and the ceremony and reception is decorated in grandeur.In Australia in recent years the decorations for this special day have increasingly become more rustic and vintage. People increasingly [...]

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Spring: The Season for Parties

Spring gets us a whole lot busier around the Eco Party Box office.'Tis the season for lots of parties, weddings and events and everyone loves to celebrate the warmer weather.With that in mind we've put together a top 5 list of what to do to improve your spring celebration:#5 - party, party, partyIt's always great [...]

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10 types of eco-friendly tableware you can use for your cafes and restaurants

We all know that traditional disposable tableware adds a lot to landfill. It is usually not biodegradable and as a result when used by patrons at cafes and restaurants it contributes to the worsening of the environment.The great news is there are green tableware alternatives which are compostable, using renewable resources and less energy to make them. Reducing the carbon foot [...]

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How cafes, restaurants and bakeries can help the environment

Where we live we are lucky to have a bakery which serves the yummiest pies, vanilla slices and coffee. But what gets us super impressed with them is what they do with the used bags and cups once they're discarded.As most people hang out at the bakery with their coffee while eating their food, the bakery's [...]

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Helping events become more eco friendly

We've been busy helping local events become more sustainable.As you know our tableware is biodegradable with many items compostable in a home compost. We've been supplying these items to event and festival organisers while also offering them advice on how to make it a green event.For instance, for items like our popular bamboo plates and wooden cutlery we suggest [...]

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