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Our new group: Breaking Up With Balloons

Posted by Jonathan Hart on

Alternatives to Balloons

Balloons harm the environment and are a danger to wildlife. In 2016, the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife. So what are the alternatives?

We've started a new group, Breaking Up With Balloons, for people looking for alternatives to balloons for their party or event. 

Feel free to contribute with ideas or pictures from your party or maybe something you've seen on Pinterest for a chance to win an eco party.

We'll help you throw your next party with a party box of your choice, 1 colorful hessian bunting, 6 dream catchers, 6 hacky sacks, a Grow Your Own Party Pack for 12 and 6 string handle-loot bags. Valued at over $100.

Prize drawn July 31, 2018.

The Rubber Jellyfish Doco and how we got involved

Since we made our decision in 2014 to no longer sell balloons - due to the fact they harm the environment and wildlife - we have been waiting on more scientific research and organisations to expose balloons for their environmental impact.Two years ago the CSIRO named balloon litter as one of the three most harmful items to marine wildlife, [...]

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Why Our Favourite Cafe Stopped Supplying Straws

The Green Room On High Street in Willunga, SA, stopped supplying straws to their customers in 2017.A move which was met with astonishment by some at first as well as applause by their many eco friendly fans.In spite of the ban on straws milkshakes and juices are still drunk and everyone so far seems to [...]

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When The Tour Down Under in Willunga Broke Up With Balloons

Environmental concerns regarding latex balloons prompted organisers of this year’s Willunga Stage 5 of the Tour Down Under to use eco alternatives instead. Willunga Business and Tourism Association Chairman Christina Repetti said the bunting and cardboard jersey’s which lined the streets were about ensuring the town’s heritage was celebrated as well as looking for a more [...]

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People Are Waking Up - the Growth in Eco Awareness

A new awareness is happening around the world and it excites me. I feel we are finally moving rapidly in the right direction. It is the awareness of our consumer world and how it affects the environment and all that exists naturally within it. It seems that suddenly people are becoming more aware of what [...]

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The War on Waste and where we stand

The recent War on Waste series on the ABC highlighted the plight of the humble disposable coffee cup and put it squarely in the firing line. It’s not surprising. We’ve been crying out for a media spotlight to be put on coffee cups ever since starting Eco Party Box in 2011. Not simply because Australians use an estimated 1 billion [...]

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Our trip around Australia

For the past 7 years our little business Eco Party Box has grown and we’ve loved every minute of finding eco party products and packing and sending them out just as quickly as your orders have come in. Raising 4 children together as well as running the business we decided we needed a bit of a break and handed [...]

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The Bring a Plate (Literally) Campaign

At Eco Party Box we're passionate about helping people party sustainably, which is why we've come up with the Bring a Plate (Literally) campaign. It's a crazy idea, but we want to see a global movement of people bringing their own reusable tableware to parties to help save on waste!

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France has banned plastic tableware ... why can't Australia?

This year France announced it would ban the sale of plastic cups, cutlery and plates, forcing manufacturers to create this tableware to be made from biodegradable material. This ban is due to be enforced in 2020.We got to thinking that if it can happen in France why not Australia too.So we sat down and wrote [...]

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The dangers of additives in food

As I run an eco business I am aware of the many environmental choices available when making my purchases. Reusable, eco friendly, biodegradable are always my preferred options. But as a mother of four I am also careful about the what my family consumes in the way of healthy food and drink.With the rise of Monsanto, water fluoridation and fast food outlets [...]

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